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New for 2015.

We are offering an initial consulting service for new clients. In past years, we have offered free counseling about the programs but during our busy season, we believe we need to focus on the serious employers who have a need for workers. By placing a fee for our consulting time, we hope to provide better service for employers with a serious need.

We prepare employer documentation for H2A and H2B workers.

We are currently working daily to get our clients work ready for the 2015 season.

Please call David Donaldson, USAMEX Ltd at 501 724 8844.

An e-mail to daviddon @ will get a helpful response.

We are involved mostly with workers from Mexico.

We help you get CERTIFIED by the Department of Labor.

We prepare the documents for the USCIS Your workers qualify for US temporary work visas. H2A or H2B.

This work is overseen by the US Department of Labor (DOL), USCIS, and the US State Department.

USAMEX Ltd acts as the AGENT of the employer in becoming certified by DOL and preparing the documents to obtain the visas for the foreign workers needed.


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